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You may choose to live but a few steps away from the amenities with units that offer prime views for those in search of greener surroundings.

There are always standards to be met but important features surpass these

As promised, a short talk on the two important infrastructural installations is given. These are your sustainable developments and complex security provision. But before that, the briefest mention of the standard fare that new and discerning investors and residents can look forward to.

Standard Amenities

Standard fare in many high rise complexes with an extensive proportion of development space devoted to luxury residences is the inclusion of recreational amenities. The Montane is no different in this regard. A function room and clubhouse have been installed for recreational, social and business purposes. There is also your fully equipped indoor gym. And landscaped gardens surround the adult and children’s swimming pools.

And where children are concerned, they have their designated play space.  Mentioned earlier was the more important matter of the complex’s safety and security features and those installations that contribute heavily towards sustainable developments on behalf of all the residents, tenants and commercial business owners. This section of the article now focuses on these. This needs to be seen against the backdrop of Filipinos’ concerns on high crime rates and the universal awareness to reduce carbon footprints across the board.

Sustainable Developments

Features of sustainability include the efficient use of both water and light. The building’s strategic alignment and its glass installations allow for the use of as much natural light as possible. Internally, only compact fluorescent light bulbs are used. And then there is the provision of maximum ventilation. One good example of the efficient use of water is the installation of ‘dual flush toilets’. Safety and security is allowed to begin directly with the resident.

Safety and Security as Always

In this regard, he or she always has the use of a peephole to check who could be at the front door. Residential front doors feature double locking mechanisms. Beginning with the lobby area and spreading throughout the complex, manned and automated security is always on a twenty four hour basis. CCTVs have been installed in key or vulnerable areas of the complex. Safety and security does not end with the guarding against crime and break-ins.

On a complex as high as forty floors, it is necessary to safeguard against accidental fires. In this regard, two fire exits are made available to residents. A fully functioning alarm system alerts the residents. Thereafter, sprinkler systems are automatically set off to minimize any possible fire damage. And backup emergency power is always on stand-by.

It is almost time to bid readers adieu, but not without making yet another motivation on why purchasing a condo at The Montane serves as a good investment going forward. It is firmly believed that this article’s outline has provided readers with more than enough information in regard to location, infrastructure and professional requirements. At the time of writing, the entire city is still under development, so the potential for long-term growth is cast in stone.

  • Adult & Lap Pool
  • Function Room
  • Landscape Garden
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